His ‘on the factory floor’ experience has armed with all the ‘tips and tricks’ required to run a production house profitably. He formed Bloom with his mates – Harshavardhan, Amitabh & Kirti with production experience of ad films, Documentaries & feature films.



A keen ear for music, a fine eye for capturing drama and emotions through the wielding of his pincer scissors and the all-round creative agility needed to be a top notch producer were things Kirti picked up along with a diploma from the acclaimed FTII. These skills and talents have stood Kirti in good stead as he has collaborated with cutting edge teams, whether for feature length initiatives(HUNTERRR as the producer/editor/music soundboard) or LOST & FOUND(Editor/Producer), big brand retailers or more recently commercials for food transnationals (Producer/Editor) and financial stalwarts(Producer/Editor).